Marinagar Sports Club

Marinagar Sports Club

About Us

The Marinagar Sports Club though officially incorporated in 2010, has been active for at least 2 decades now. The Club has been organizing events to bring the community even closer together and bring out talents of the youth in various fields such as sports, music, art, etc. A club that is part of Marinagar Colony most of our activities towards sports and recreation involve the residents of the colony and the many members residing outside the colony.


As a Sports Club focus had to be predominantly on sports and in the early years it was mainly focused on hockey and volleyball. Hockey was a passion – we were regular in the BHA league starting and spending 4 years in the 4th division we spent 3 years in the  3rd division, 2 years in the 2nd and finally over 7 years in the first division. Over the years almost every boy has donned the Marinagar Blue & Gold colours and displayed his skill on the grass pitches and the astro turf and BHA.


Another committed act of the sports club during Christmas has been the Christmas Star. The Colony star (and all its other avatars) has always been built by the Marinagar Sports Club with pride. Year after year the star does not fail to shine bright over the marinagar ground. An effort of each an every member to bring out the right Christmas spirit.


Marinagar has always been linked to sports and fun and we try to keep that spirit going strong by organizing telegames, karaoke nights and BBQs. Apart from that, we also do conduct paper drives, carol singing, visits to orphanages and old age homes and much more to offer our assistance and time to those from our city that are less fortunate than us. Hence, a part of the proceeds from almost all of our events are contributed towards charity. Some of our recent events have been “Masti-N-More 2- An Event Filled With Music, Dance, Stage Shows, BBQ, Housie And More” and “KICK-OFF- The All-Mumbai Rink Football Tournament”.


So this our website… and we invite not just marinagarites but everyone to visit us to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the colony, express your views on Marinagar’s ‘naya or juna khabar’,  drop a line to a far off friend or just stop by to feel the nostalgia that comes about by viewing the pictures and stories of the ‘good ol’ days’!