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MSC 2012 Recap

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on January 8, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (2)

Events 2012

To tell you a little bit about 2012 and all the activities organized by the sports club and in the colony.

One of our initiatives towards sports this year was that we extended our support to Sporting Option First Division Team in the MDFA (Mumbai District Football Association) which promotes football in Mahim and has every possible talented footballer in Mahim playing for it. If you are a fan of the sport, you can follow and encourage them on FB.

Our first event organized in the year was KICKOFF 2012, our annual rink football tournament. The tournament was held over 2 weekends, from the 19th and 20th of May to the 26th and 27th of May 2012. 62 teams participated from all over Mumbai. This was one of the biggest events organized by us this year which even had a crazy closing ceremony.

In the month of September we had a blog contest to encourage the residents of Marinagar to express themselves on their thoughts about the colony. We did not get a good response but nevertheless it was a learning experience.

On the 6th of Oct we organized ‘Masti N More’ in collaboration with the Focolare Movement. It would have been an event of live music, dance performance, stand up etc if it hadn’t rained  . There was this amazing food bazaar though which got completely sold out. People came and patronized the stalls inspite of the rainy weather. We thank all those you came out that evening to support us.

In the month of Oct when every weekend seemed to be cricket Sunday we organized a BBQ on the grounds aka ‘Sunday Café’. There were a few MSCites and a few patrons and it was a good Sunday afternoon to chill with some friends with music, sport, drinks and snacks.

The Last event for the year was the ‘Fatima Christmas Bash’. The annual Fatima bldg Christmas party was organized in collaboration with the Fatima Building Tenants and us. The event was such a hit that the follow up New Year party was also organized. Although the New Year party was solely organized by the tenants of Fatima Building. That was definitely a party to remember.

These were all the events organized by only the MSC, but there were many more events held in the colony. Organized by The new managing committee of the Marinagar Association, Youth of Rosa Mystica and Sporting Options.

The Marinagar Association had telegames for all ages in the month of August, followed by one of the best ‘Christmas Wonderland’ (a Christmas event with xmas bazaar, caroling, Christmas tree etc) the colony has ever seen. And finally a beautiful Karaoke Nite on the feast of the epiphany.

Sporting option too had an amazing Aerobics session for the kiddies this year in the month of November followed by ’Run for Fun’ their first marathon run in Mahim.

So a lot has been happening in the colony and if you have not heard about any of this the entire year then maybe our Marketing Team is not doing a good job. These events are organized only so we know who are neighbors are and to have a good time together. So if you have been waiting for a personalized invite then here it is. We would really like your presence for all of the events held in the colony and we hope to get to know you better as the days go by. See you soon at the next event in the colony.

You can get in touch with us by signing up on the Marinagar Sports Club website.

Christmas Wonderland

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on December 28, 2012 at 12:25 AM Comments comments (0)

What a year it has been! So many changes for the better. I have not seen the colony this vibrant in years. The Marinagar Association has really stepped up this year to its role and delivered more than what was expected.

Christmas wonderland was organized on the 22nd of Dec 12 this year and what a show it was. The evening kick started with the Christmas Party for the kiddies. As usual the Kiddies were on the ground before time, while the organizers were still going through their last minute preparations. A few game stalls were set up where the kids had to earn points for their teams. After which they played games like bombing the color, Christmas Quiz and Carol Competition. The children were surprised with a magic show while they had their appetizing snacks. While the kiddies were busy enjoying themselves at the Christmas party so were the senior citizens having a ball of a time at their very own Christmas party. Santa did visit both the parties and did give gifts for all. Santa even danced to gangnam style with the children. The kids went crazy over Santa, they just wouldn’t leave him alone.

After Santa left, we began the Carol Nite where we had a live band along with all the different choirs in the colony. The Konkani Carolers, The little Carolers, The Log boys and the Senior Santa Carolers. To watch each and every one of them was a treat. Felix Flo opened the Carol Nite followed by the Focolare Band which got the people’s foot tapping.

As usual we had a Christmas Bazaar which is always a hit. The crowd was less this year because of the all the weddings around the city but that had little effect on the sales of the Christmas stalls. Even the joy rides and the jumping house was a big craze for the kiddies. This year was truly a good year with all the events that happened in the colony. Organised by Sporting Options, the Marinagar Association and the Marinagar Sports Club. It was good to see all the veteran MSCites come down this year for Christmas and witness one of our events.

Finally just to let you know that MSC did help this year with the Fatima Christmas Bash and it was truly a good one. Everyone was in high spirits. A lovely food court helped create a success formula. Thanks to all those who put in so much hard work just so that we could get an opportunity to come together and have a good time. This definitely helps bring people together. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Masti N' More - Rain check

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on October 8, 2012 at 6:45 AM Comments comments (0)

There was a lot of hype about this event. It was well publicized and sure to attract a big crowd. A lot was planned for stage shows to deliver the entertainment expected by the audience. Live performances was the major USP but we even had a few dance performances to provide some variety to the crowd. We not only took care of game stalls for the kiddies but we also planned out a mini telegames event for them. There were rides like the mini giant wheel, merry go round, swinging boat and the jumping jack house. A huge selection of foods and snacks laid out along with an elephant stall and a paint tattoo stall for anyone who would like to get themselves painted a bit. What more could one ask for, for an evening for the entire family. An evening of complete Masti with amazing music for listening and dancing pleasure as well.

But all this was not meant to be. It rained to ruin every plan made and to probably let us know that not everything is in our control. Luckily after it rained there was a 3 hours dry window in which all the stalls managed to sell everything out. The BBQ pit was lit and we managed to cook all the chicken pieces. The expected profit target was met and at the end of it all that was all that mattered.

MSC helped organize this event to help raise funds for the Focolare movement and to bring the community out one more time, out of the houses, to be seen and to see everyone else who makes this community a community. With no live music or performances, the people actually got a chance to mingle with each other while they bumped into one another at all the possible food and snack stalls. Those who have always supported the events of the marinagar sports club were there even if it rained, encouraging us. A few new faces were also there and a good no. of youth as well.

It was disheartening to see so many people looking forward for a lovely evening and being disappointed. We were at a point of no return and we were in no position to get ourselves out of this situation. There were so many who came forward with their ideas on how we could do some kind of firefighting or damage control but every idea was already well thought of before it was even suggested by our happy helpers. As it was a fund raiser we could not cover the ground with a water proof roof as that would only eat into the profits expected or maybe even take us into debt.

We had to undergo this situation only for the sake of meeting the objective and yes I will say that there have been a lot of lessons learned, only to make us more experienced.

We thank all the Marinagarites and the people of the Focolare for coming out and making this event reach its objective.

Thank you once again.


Posted by Rene on September 24, 2012 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (1)

How  does one  write a Blog  about  MARINAGAR- when the word itself  throws up Myriads of  Images full of mixed emotions from Joy, to Love, to remorse to happiness to . . . . . MAGIC that is  MARINAGAR itself..

Looking  back and  then looking  forward, (now with a WUNDERBAR kid  named Joshua), I know and  probably  always knew that I would not  have wanted anything less for myself and now, for Joshua, than . . . . . . . . living a life called MARINAGAR.

The BESTEST years have been “Marinagar”. I grew up here, shed my  innocence here, Loved here . . . . lay heartbroken too! ALL HERE in the magical place we call Marinagar.

Children growing up in Marinagar, will later compare their lives to that of Tom Sawyers’ or  Huckleberry Finn. YES!! we sneaked out of  home to play, we waited for the right time to climb  trees and rob  guavas, we shot  down pigeons and learnt how  to even cook them. (EWWWW!!) . Our Meals were of Guavas, Kairi, Kuchumdar of  raw papaya and these were FREE, as we had robbed them off the trees in where else?? MARINAGAR.  I remember learning to swim in the “kabrastan well!! Rocky and dangerous, but what the hell!! ALL of  Marinagars  kids were in there!!!

School was a cinch  as we walked across, and we had a group who went just that way. Our Homes were in Marinagar, the music was in Marinagar, the FUNNNN was in Marinagar and even our girlfriends were MARINAGAR-made!!!  YES,  we did not  have to go elsewhere to “line-marao”!!!

YES Marinagar was Colorful!!!

The very word MARINAGAR, brings a smile to my  face and when I go down memory lane, a sense of Bon-homie pervades my  every senses.

My first day in Marinagar, after having lived in Byculla, a throbbing bustling location, and having studied at St Mary’s, I felt like I had arrived at a picnic spot! Greenery, and an wide open playground was EVERYTHING any young kid  could dream of. Add to the vista the “chawls” (as they were referred to then) and happy picture was completed.

For me, as a kid, Marinagar was a little town by itself. In “them” days,(read days of yore) we had our  own home-made hooch, our very own Dentists, Our very own Doctors, our very own Maternity home, (lay them, deliver them!!) our very own teachers , our  very own lawyers and for want of color, we even had our  very own home grown Gangsters and our very own “roll-in-the-hay” house too!!!

Marinagar was COMPLETE!!

Having been away, travelled the world, and then come back to live here, has been the easiest of moves. All my childhood frens (Glynis, Karen, Theresa, Ivan, Sunita, Clarence, Anne and for that matter ANYONE), when we meet, there is a warmth, a glow, a feeling of  comfort and happiness, of  contentment and trust, of being who we really are with no pretentions, ALL brought out by the fact that we lived, loved and still love like TRUE “MARINAGARIANS”




Knowing Me Knowing You

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on September 22, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (1)

If there is one thing I know about Marinagar is that ‘Joh tera hai who mera hai’. And that may not be what you asked for, with all the blessings you received but you have to take the good with the bad. One of the biggest things that we hate to share with people is personal information, things that we like to keep to ourselves so we can proudly say ‘I know myself best’. But in Marinagar you can forget knowing yourself best because everyone here has a better opinion about you than you ever thought you could have. You could try your level best to stay far from the paparazzi but in Marinagar it’s next to impossible. Everyone here is a celebrity for no good reason and for many other reason, and these reasons lie in the minds of the gossiper. Over here we know your latest pair of jeans you shopped for to your latest crush. We know where you’re coming from and where you would like to be going. We know your likes and very well your dislikes. Lets just say we never needed facebook to know you better. So if your new to this place or a veteran, here is the place where you are known. After all, we are nothing without the opinions of others. So what next? Get to know those who know you and maybe try to know them better. They are just like you and just like me. They are celebrities too for no good reason. They love to help even if you may not be in need of any. They love to have a good time at any time. They enjoy coming out for events like the May 31st or any other event for that matter for it just feels great to be part of this forced communitarian spirituality. It’s hard for them too to be mad at anyone for too long, only thanks to geographical proximity that we all share. And yes they love their Mother Mary too just like you do and appreciate her blessings for this little settlement of Mary (Mary-Nagar).

Introducing a new resident to marinagar

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on September 19, 2012 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (1)

A new face moved in next door and well, you want your first interaction with them to be an unforgettable one. I'm giving you the easy way out! Dont cook or clean up just to invite them over!! Here are a list of the most random things you can do to make sure they feel welcomed and eventually a MARINAGARITE


A few do' s if you ever have to introduce a newbie to the beloved colony.


1. Take them on a morning tour of the colony - show them the various buildings, brief them on history and redevelopment of the new buildings, what it is and what it was like


2. Mention that we did have a mud ground. Concrete is only recent.


3.For future reference inform them that the jungle doesn't reallly have animals but a lot of pretty plants. Thank you faithful gardeners.


4. Show them baldy' s baug which is a very very new feature opposite fatima building. ( I havent asked baldy why, but if he has taken the initiative to go green, I'm proud of him)


5. Take them to the north most point of the colony ( extreme left of fatima building) which was a complete no-no for all the kids playing, thanks to the barking dogs.


6. Show them the backyard of fatima building, which is synonymous with BBQ's guitar playing and high spirit singing, but mention they might have to wait for an easter or christmas to bear witness to those..


7. Make them walk the pathway and tell them they can never cycle there.. EVER. ( Ask damian for that story)


8. Get them to light candles at mother mary's statue at 7pm. And make sure they block may 31st on their calendar every year for the rest of their lives


9. Get the guys to play a football / volleyball game and then make the newbie watch the messi's and ronaldo's in action


10. Sitting at the 'triangle' around 6pm will cause the aunties to turn and stare and ask questions. Create some drama.


11. If your friend is opposite sex, I would suggest doing number 10 and then be seen through the glass window at cafe coffee day post 8pm for added drama.


12. Introduce them to damian/bapist/ nestor and get them to buy an MSC jersey


13. Share take away menu- cards of chings, gee lee, swagat, tazaa, jaffer bhai, dominoes, snow magic etc..


14. Introduce them to kamlesh ( the ironing man )


15. Insist they read notices at both the gates. Everyday.


16.Make sure they know hot-hot fugyas can be ordered from aunty murierl, sweets and cakes from aunty audrey, at any time or season in the year


17. Introduce them to alex and alice, snooky and barney


18. Notify them that their every move will be watched, when they come n go, who they come n go with


19. Make sure they know marinagar almost NEVER sleeps, it comes alive post 2am most weekends and nights preceding bank holidays!


Well now that I have the randomness out of my system, in my personal opinion, marinagar is a happy place to be in , its warm, pretty in winter with fairy lights, its green, u will see at least 3 smiling faces on your way home. Its PEACEFUL. I reallly don't think we could ask for much more, newbie are u listening?

Post by Susanna Murzello

Marinagar - The place to be

Posted by Fay Fernandes on September 15, 2012 at 1:30 AM Comments comments (1)

'Marinagar' the place I call home. So many memories - good and bad, many of which are a big part of who I am today. All my friends most of who have gone far away, yet so close to my heart. Ursula, Stephenie, Lianne, Rochelle and Wendy - we really had a good time growing up in Marinagar. We used to play behind Dale's house and had to be back home by 7 or else we get a trashing or propably be grounded for the weekend.

Sports day was always something to look forward to. At that time both gates used to be closed for people who used to tresspass. And the ones guarding the gate would be a few kids from the colony, arguing with strangers why they shouldn't cross as this was private property.

Ofcourse, you cant forget the Xmas tree party. All thanks to the Marinagar Association for organising it every year and making it one of the most memorable occasions for kids. We always wanted to kow who Santa was. But I guess its best when its a secret. 

I remember playing Chor-Police, Hide-n-Seek and even Chain-cook (Sankli) on the colony ground. The boys were always faster than the girls and I think they were better at cheating too especially at Hide-n-Seek. Once it was Jino's den and instead of searching for everyone, he went on the road to eat some snacks and everyone was hiding and waiting for him till we realised he was on his own trip. Today very few kids are seen playing on the ground, maybe due to tuitions or extra classes.

May, 31st - the colony feasts with all its little Angels and flower-girls and a page boy. Everyone wanted to know who the next Mayqueen will be. That hasn't changed much yet. Hope this tradition never changes.

Another thing about Marinagar is the match- making skills the residents here have. Everyone was paired with someone or the other from the time they are born. And they continue teasing you till you actually get married. I used to really hate it but when you look back its quite funny.

Even today after getting married, I can't seem to cut myself off from this place and its people. I'm here almost every weekend. This is truely the place my heart dwells - the place I call home.

Marinagar - the place to be.

MARY NAGAR or Marinagar

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on September 14, 2012 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (2)

It's all from the past, since I don't have much fond memories of the present as there isn't much when you are working overseas, although I am always a Part of Marinagar. Firstly let me say that I myself always treated it as MARY NAGAR ( All dedicated to Mary, Mary's Home) although we call it MARI NAGAR. The buildings and chawls then and even now all named after The mother of Christ MARY.

Those were the days when we had all activities in the colony, the talent contest where in we used to carry the platform and bring to the colony and on that we used to have the contest which now is not seen or heard of.

For all those who do not know, we had various trees in the colony, of fruits and others. Fruits mainly being Gauva, of Gauva alone there must have been around 25 different types, ranging from small and ripe (Totton's Guava Tree) to Big hard and Raw (Anton's Tree Vincys neighbour). Fortunately we as kids had an opportunity to see all and taste all to know and cherish.

We as kids used to play chor/police and we had 2 jungles in the colony , behind Gama's house and behind Totton's residence. Which now is a Green house and a dump yard.

Our sport from Hockey where we were in the 1 division at the Bombay Hockey League has gone dead as no team exist and not many young ones playing this sport.

The ground from mud to now taar, I see the change. The kids will not see or feel mud. At one point in time our colony was green and now it is a concrete jungle, earlier no water log, now buildings become pools during the rains what a difference!

For the good things since most are in the buildings they do not have to share the Toilets as all families have their own.

Have the young kids now asking for a blog which was never thought of in the past , congrats to all in this and all the best.

May the feast 31st may continue should we be there or gone, and also the star shine for Christmas & always.

Post by -Cajetan Pinheiro






Posted by Nestor Coutinho on June 1, 2012 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

A lot has to be said about the 3rd edition of Kickoff. This All Mumbai Rink Football Tournament organized by MSC and HSC has reached greater heights since last year. Compared to the previous year where they had 40 teams participate, this year they upped the notch to 62 teams which displayed some quality football for the spectators. The tournament was held over 2 weekends, from the 19th and 20th of May to the 26th and 27th of May 2012. Teams from all corners of Mumbai came in, from Kalyan to Colaba. Kickoff 2012 had all the possible category of teams including Parish Teams, Club Teams, Corporate teams etc. There were also no restriction to audience as well and so there were Women, Men, Kids, Youth, Senior Citizens etc. In spite of this varied audience the organizers managed to provide entertainment for all, through the game of football.

There were a range of commentators to break the monotony, as well as there was constant interaction with the crowd keeping them engaged. Efficient ball boys and water boys kept up to the rhythm of things from the age of 7 yrs to 12 yrs. Referees exhibited quality decisions which did not lead to any mishaps in the tournament. Arrangements we made for toilet facility and changing room for the players as well. With Parle Agro as the beverage partner of Kickoff 2012 there were a whole lot of refreshments for players, spectators and organizers too. Appy Fizz, Hippo Chips and Frooti were given out throughout the tournament as hampers, freebies and refreshments.

The games began from 9:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening keeping a 2 hours lunch break in between. The second half of the day resumed at 4pm. A food stall was also available at the grounds to provide snacks and refreshments for the players and the spectators. The residents of the colony made the most of this food stall (Valainkini) as many would not even cook hoping to order some food from there. The games were all interesting to watch as every pool seemed as the group of death, especially because this was a knockout tournament. So tough were the teams that most games went into the tiebreaker. MSC had 3 teams put up which included almost all the boys of the colony. Sadly none of the MSC teams made it to even the quarters. In fact all the Mahim teams were out by the second round. The teams that reached the finals were Kalina Trashers and Virgin Atlantic. With no goals scored in the game, it went into the Tiebreaker giving Virgin Atlantic the Victory.

For the Closing Ceremony there was a special act by Mayur’s Dance Academy from Kanjurmarg. After the prize distribution was immediately after the game. The players were awarded their deserving cash prizes as well as trophies. The player of the tournaments went to Aaron from the Kalina Trashers. The ceremony ended with fireworks and the teams posing for snaps behind the Kickoff 2012 backdrop. All the best to MSC in their Future endeavors.

Christmas Wonderland

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on December 21, 2011 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

On the 4th of Dec 2011 the colony was filled with colours and lights. Music and sweet carolers singing the songs that let us know that Christmas time is near. Christmas wonderland an event organized by the MSC was definitely an effort to try and bring in early that Christmassy feeling we wait all year for. The day began with Kids coming down with their water colours to paint on the wall canvas that was stretched out in front of Nirmala Building. Everyone was invited to paint but we had just the young ones who were very enthusiastic about it. By afternoon the kids were done painting their Christmas candles, bells, hollies etc. It was a beautiful stretch of Christmas paintings. If I was as talented as the kids I would have surely indulged.

After the afternoon siesta began the Christmas bazaar where there were all sorts of Christmas stuff sold at the event. From sorpotel, sanaas, tandoori and bbq chicken, sub sandwiches, spring rolls, cookies, cakes, chocolates, pastas, potato chops, choris pav to Christmas cards, Cd’s, decorations, mini lanterns, magic cards even dishwashers, soda makers and much more. There was a huge crowd, not only from the colony but from all parts of Mahim. One could easily pass away an hour of their time just walking through the bazaar, purchasing and munching on delicacies. During this time the kids were busy having a treasure hunt. Running around the colony with their torches, searching for the next clue. Eventually the Christmas treasure was found, a box full of chocolates, which the kids shared among the losing team as well. That’s more than team spirit, that’s Christmas spirit.

There was a small Christmas play put up by our very own girls of the colony with some help from Janessa and Aurelius. The play was a simple Christmas story which brought out the spirit of Christmas and was much appreciated by many. Soon after the play we had our very own colony folks to put up a few Christmas carols for us. We also had a few friends to come sing from the neighboring buildings.

Our very own carolers were Ninette, Nima, Evita, Cyril Hopkins, Judy, Frank, Ian, Baptist, Felix flo and daughter Fredrica and from the neighboring places we had Clary, Floyd, Shona and a few others.

It was surely a lovely evening for many and MSC sure did manage to raise a few bucks towards the House of Charity – Versova with the help of donations through its well wishers. MSC thanks everyone for being part of this event, even as a spectator everyone has contributed to its success. Without the help of those generous donors MSC wouldn’t be able to raise a single paisa out of the event. Thanks again and Happy Christmas to all!!!