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Day Trek to Peth Fort

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on September 29, 2011 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (1)

MSC had organised a Trek recently but as usual it was difficult to get people to come for it. People I think are scared of the word Trek. They probably see themselves panting and falling to the ground with not a single muscle in their body to move. But treks are not at all that bad. It a nice chance to get out of the city and experience the quiet and the greenery around. And for some there is a sense of achievement to get to the top of the mountain.


 On the 24th of Sept 2011 15 boys headed to Peth Fort. A place none of us had been to but we gathered all the info we could from the net and decided to try out this new place. Its a place in Karjat and is around 87 kms from mumbai. We left at 7am in the morning by bus which we booked just for ourselves so we could go and come in comfort. I believe that the boring part of treking is the travelling by train, bus, tumtums etc so we decided to eliminate that completely so to truly enjoy the trek. We made a pit stop at karjat to have some breakfast and chai as that was defiently needed before the trek.


 We started the climb at 10.30am and I must say it was a hot sunny day. It was a constant climb with very few flat surfaces to walk on. As we continued to walk we slowly started splitting ourselves into little groups taking into consideration each ones speed and stamina. I decided to walk at my own pace and take breaks as and when I felt like. We had to first reach the Peth Village which was a one hour trek as per the locals there. I dont go by what the locals say, infact i double the time mentioned by them to get a rough idea.  I even tried walking with a villager to prove myself wrong but these guys are quick. A friend carried some techno trance music which he kept blasting throughout the trek. It definetly energized me to walk abit faster but once again i felt it better to take my own pace as the sound of the birds was more relaxing to me. Talking to my fellow trekkers while walking up got me to know the other better. So finally we reached the peth Village and we found some enthusiastic kids willing to take us up to the Fort. I know that there is no such thing as a free lunch but I didn't want to get myself tired walking in some wrong direction so we took these kids help and started climbing up to the fort. The climb gets a little steep here but its not that scary or dangerous because there were girls in salwar climbing up. Its hard to make a fuss when there are kids and women in salwar climbing faster than you. Finally i reached the top and I was the last one to get there.


 We all just sat on the grass there and started eating our snacks. We all shared our food like the 12 apostles did. Yes we were 12 on the top as the other 3 couldnt make it. But they were present wit us in spirit and through the cell phone.


 At the fort there is cave where one could rest. alot of bats in the cave, busy sleeping. The cave had a small statue of Lord Bhairoba and a man taking care of this small temple. As per the village kids the money offered to the God is pocketed by the care taker.  From the cave there are steps to go right to the top of the mountain. Around 200 steps, each step about a foot high. There must have been giants living in this fort during that time or maybe they just wanted to get done with the fort asap. I believe they would store artillery at this fort. Thats what i got from google.


 Anyway we started to head down the mountain by 3pm. It started to rain now wetting all the rocks and making it a little difficult to climb down. Luckily none really got hurt or bruised. The walk down was fast and we did it without any stops.


 Finally we got to the bus and had some nice chai and snacks that were left over. It was a beautiful day and everyone was really tired. Nobody sang songs or made any noise on the way back, i guess we were all really tired. But it was a gd day to trek with a really cool bunch of guys.


Posted by Nestor Coutinho on June 12, 2011 at 4:56 AM Comments comments (1)


Kick-Off 2011 was held on the Marinagar grounds on the 14th and 15th of May2011 and what a sporting fiesta it turned out to be. The 2 day football extravaganza brought together teams from as far as Malad & Byculla, drawn by the success of the previous year’s tournaments, with renowned teams such as Macabi, Glorian F.C, WNS, S.M.R.C., Sporting Options, Colts, Boombastic Rockies, Holy Family, ICFC, Figgi Brothers, St. Anne’s, IHMF.C., W.T.S.C., Sacred Heart Boys etc. all vying for the grand prize. Originally intended to pitch 32 teams against each other, the organizers - Maringar Sports Club and Allies Sports Club received an overwhelming response and finally had to cap the number of entries at 40, even turning down last minute entries.

Kicking off at 8.30 am on Saturday, the teams battled hard with 4 players aside. The tournament saw its share of brilliant shots on goal, misses, penalty kicks and even a few red cards. Delighting the home crowd was the home team - Marinagar Sports Club managed by Terryl Murzello that dazzled everyone with their brilliant football skills. Rising stars Dylan Fernandes & Andon D’souza mesmerized the supporters with a fascinating display of agility and talent whilst goal-keeper Schubert D’Souza saved many a game with his brilliant goalkeeping. Ably supported by team mates - Leon, Aurelius, Gordon and Savio Vaz whose composure during the nail biting penalty shoot-out ensured that the MSC team reached the semi-finals. Another team that created shock waves was team “Shel-Shock” who literally shocked everyone by reaching the semi-finals. Adept management by team manager Sheldon D’Souza and proficient football skills by team members Gino Carvalho, Selvin Dias, Kenneth Dias, Arnald De’Souza, Aggie and Fransico gave the home crowd much to cheer about.

It was a treat for the Mahim fans as 3 Mahim teams made it to the semi-finals and the fans were now rooting for an all Mahim final. Only the Friends United team from Dadar stood in the way of making that dream come true. In the first semi-final, MSC fought valiantly but eventually went down 1-0 to Penalties. The2nd semi-final saw a divided crowd cheering for both teams as the skill and mastery of the SMRC proved a bit too much for the gallant Shel-Shock team.

The closely contested final had many a heart-stopping momentas. Both teams often came close to scoring. A brilliant goal by Nigel De’Souza brought victory to the SMRC and led the home crowd into a frenzy.

The tournament drew to a close with the prize distribution ceremony. Guest of Honor Mr. Raymond Lopez presented the certificates and trophies to the finalists. The Player of the Tournament award was won by Roger from the S.M.R.C for his (5) goals in (5) matches, whilst the Rising Star award was won by Dylan Fernandes and Andon D’souza for his Golden Boot. The Fair Play Award had to go to Friends United for their clean sheet in all games played.

The commentators - Alvin Ferrora, Edgar, Brendon D’Souza and Savio Vaz kept the crowd entertained with their witty comments and engaging commentary. Refreshments were catered to by Sherwin Vaz and were devoured by players and supporters alike.

Organizing such a mammoth tournament is no easy task and it was a splendid job done by the MSC. Kudos to Nestor Coutinho, Ryan Fernandes, Christophe D’costa, Schubert D’Souza, Damian Vieira, Savio Vaz who toiled for weeks before, seeking sponsors, publicizing the event, taking care of all the logistics, drawing up the playing schedule which turned out to be quite a task due to the odd number for teams involved.

Congratulations MSC !!! Here’s looking forward to seeing Kick-0ff 2012 reach greater heights and extending over 2 weekends !!!

~ Desiree Dubier


Let The Kids Play

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on September 27, 2010 at 2:58 AM Comments comments (0)


I grew up listening to people saying - don’t waste you time playing, go study instead… these things wont get you anywhere in life etc. However today I realize how wrong these people were and maybe they only said what they did because they didn’t understand completely the benefits of playing. So I would like to tell you how playing sports is actually a good thing.

Sports serves as an excellent physical exercise and a constructive expenditure of energy.  Playing sports since an early age strengthens the bones and muscles and tones one’s body. Playing sports also helps improves the Math skills in children. It develops leadership qualities and fosters a team spirit in them. Playing sports teaches a person to accept both successes and failures in a positive spirit. The most important benefit of playing sports is the sportsman spirit. Playing sports results in the development of a sportive nature, which is helpful throughout one’s life.

Playing sports is very beneficial for the development of social skills in a person. They foster collective thinking and develop planning skills in children. Sports build confidence in children and give them a sense of accomplishment. Sports thus play a vital role in one's social well-being.

A constructive expenditure of energy that sports bring out is very helpful in keeping a person happy. Exercise generates happiness molecules in a person’s body, thus contributing to his/her mental well-being. Sports generate a positive energy.

Besides sports a lot of children like to spend their time drawing, painting, singing, dancing or playing a musical instrument. Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” With the kind of education system that we have in the world, which is a linear process it doesn’t help a person to pursue a career with his talents but instead the pattern of education that we follow.

We need to encourage the creative mind in kids to help them grow. I say this because in the coming years we will only have more graduates in the world then ever before which would lead to a lot of people not knowing what to do once they finish college, as they wouldn’t manage to find a job. The need to study more and more would increase by the years.

So we are faced with an education inflation in these days and its only important now that we focus on an organic process of education where Dance would be given as much importance as Math. And why not? We have legs and we like to dance so why can’t we encourage our talents, help our kids use their creative minds and not discourage them when they make mistakes.

It’s the blend of passion and being good at what you are that would eventually lead to success. Its only the creative minds that have brought progress to the world and let me clarify that there isn’t a difference between creativity and intelligence.

So this is what I wanted to share with you. Please leave your comments on what is your opinion about it. Thanks


~ Nestor



Posted by Nestor Coutinho on June 20, 2010 at 1:37 PM Comments comments (0)

Check out Marinagar in the good old days.

MSC Flashback

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on June 10, 2010 at 4:08 PM Comments comments (0)

Marinagar Sports Club is not just an officious title or name coined to look important... but actually a formal body formed years ago that still continues to date. A body that not only has a bank account but also officiating members i.e. one secretary with all the rest of the members being Presidents.                                 

Two of the earliest signatories to the bank account were Karl & Ivan Paul and it is them and the other leading lights who put the basic rules into place.

Annual Membership fees were Rs 30 for working members and Rs 15 for college students. School students were free. These practices were also followed during parties, treats or other activities where the working members covered for the students.

The money collected was used to by sports equipment like footballs, volleyballs, nets, poles, halogens, goalkeeper kits, the colours that the sports teams wore tournament participation fees and membership fees to the Bombay Hockey Association.

In the later years the club was thankful to its members working overseas like Robin who would generously contribute to buying new equipment and even carry the Mikasa volleyballs that we loved to play with from Dubai. Thanks also go out to Aliya who got us Halogens from Spie Capag and all the other boys who contributed equipment generously donated by their employers (mostly without their knowledge)

As a Sports Club focus had to be predominantly on sports and in the early years it was mainly focussed on hockey and volleyball. Other than the parish tournaments where our volley ball teams would win with such ease that the organizers tried to change the rules to prevent “indirect volleyball” to prevent our team from winning. When unsuccessful there as well, the finally scrapped the tournament itself.

Hockey was a passion – we were regular in the BHA league starting and spending 4 years in the 4th division we spent 3 years in the  3rd division, 2 years in the 2nd and finally over 7 years in the first division. Over the years almost every boy has donned the Marinagar Blue & Gold colours and displayed his skill on the grass pitches and the astro turf and BHA. And just as hockey itself has all but died as a sport; the Marinagar Hockey team too ran out of players and finally had to exit the Hockey league.


While Marinagar May not have made it to the Super League, our players like Robin, Sewell and Rohan did. These 3 also went on to wear the Bombay /Bombay University colours.

Other than these almost all the other players have represented their schools colleges and employers in this sport

If our legacy in field hockey was great, the thrills of rink hockey were greater – when participating as Marinagar we were formidable and almost always had to field 2 teams and sometimes 3 teams for any tournament as there were so many players to accommodate. When no Marinagar team was entered it was almost certain that the SMRC team would be well represented with Marinagar players. One of the crowning moments for Marinagar Rink Hockey was when the Marinagar A and B teams both made it to the finals of the Victoria Rink Hockey tournament.

Today Football has take over and our teams are doing well at all the tournaments they participate in. Dale and his Sporting Options team are at the forefront in developing and encouraging football talent.

It is also great to see the permanent floodlights in the colony that enable our youth to play volleyball at a later time considering they return from work late.


Sports aside, the sports club always went out of its way to ensure every event organised by the colony was a success by helping out with the organisation, setting up and dismantling facilities after the functions.

May 31st was always special and whether it was making the flags, putting up the poles, lights, chairs, watering the ground, the choir or any other activity – there was always a boy at hand to help out.

The Colony star (and all its other avatars) has always been built by the Marinagar Sports Club with pride. To generate funds the boys would initially send a list out to each residence seeking donations. When the quantum of donations dwindled wherein the boys had to dig into their own pockets to complete the star; the resourceful boys started the Christmas Hamper where raffle forms could be filled in and winners would be picked. The funds received from here not only covered the cost of the star but the additional amount was deposited into the bank account for future use.


Like all things good – this practice too was questioned and residents chose not to participate. The Sports Club administrators then changed their modus operandi to the one that exists even today i.e. Take the raffle private only amongst the boys and hat too those who wish to participate  – each member of the sports club fills in one raffle form in his name @Rs 200  and a winner from this list is chosen.

This and any donations from the boys overseas is the primary source of funds that provides the equipment that the boys play with and also for Making the colony Star year after year.

If you have always expected to see a Star up at every Christmas and have never even realised that there were costs and efforts involved; please don’t feel bad.

We’re just happy that you now know what goes on behind the scenes; and hope that going forward you will support our activities. No we don’t want your money, but it would be nice if you could express your appreciation to the boys of the Marinagar Sports Club who continue to keep the spirit of the colony alive.

~ Niru