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Introducing a new resident to marinagar

Posted by Nestor Coutinho on September 19, 2012 at 6:15 AM

A new face moved in next door and well, you want your first interaction with them to be an unforgettable one. I'm giving you the easy way out! Dont cook or clean up just to invite them over!! Here are a list of the most random things you can do to make sure they feel welcomed and eventually a MARINAGARITE


A few do' s if you ever have to introduce a newbie to the beloved colony.


1. Take them on a morning tour of the colony - show them the various buildings, brief them on history and redevelopment of the new buildings, what it is and what it was like


2. Mention that we did have a mud ground. Concrete is only recent.


3.For future reference inform them that the jungle doesn't reallly have animals but a lot of pretty plants. Thank you faithful gardeners.


4. Show them baldy' s baug which is a very very new feature opposite fatima building. ( I havent asked baldy why, but if he has taken the initiative to go green, I'm proud of him)


5. Take them to the north most point of the colony ( extreme left of fatima building) which was a complete no-no for all the kids playing, thanks to the barking dogs.


6. Show them the backyard of fatima building, which is synonymous with BBQ's guitar playing and high spirit singing, but mention they might have to wait for an easter or christmas to bear witness to those..


7. Make them walk the pathway and tell them they can never cycle there.. EVER. ( Ask damian for that story)


8. Get them to light candles at mother mary's statue at 7pm. And make sure they block may 31st on their calendar every year for the rest of their lives


9. Get the guys to play a football / volleyball game and then make the newbie watch the messi's and ronaldo's in action


10. Sitting at the 'triangle' around 6pm will cause the aunties to turn and stare and ask questions. Create some drama.


11. If your friend is opposite sex, I would suggest doing number 10 and then be seen through the glass window at cafe coffee day post 8pm for added drama.


12. Introduce them to damian/bapist/ nestor and get them to buy an MSC jersey


13. Share take away menu- cards of chings, gee lee, swagat, tazaa, jaffer bhai, dominoes, snow magic etc..


14. Introduce them to kamlesh ( the ironing man )


15. Insist they read notices at both the gates. Everyday.


16.Make sure they know hot-hot fugyas can be ordered from aunty murierl, sweets and cakes from aunty audrey, at any time or season in the year


17. Introduce them to alex and alice, snooky and barney


18. Notify them that their every move will be watched, when they come n go, who they come n go with


19. Make sure they know marinagar almost NEVER sleeps, it comes alive post 2am most weekends and nights preceding bank holidays!


Well now that I have the randomness out of my system, in my personal opinion, marinagar is a happy place to be in , its warm, pretty in winter with fairy lights, its green, u will see at least 3 smiling faces on your way home. Its PEACEFUL. I reallly don't think we could ask for much more, newbie are u listening?

Post by Susanna Murzello

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1 Comment

Reply Christophe D'costa
1:05 AM on September 25, 2012 
Points number 6, 10 and 19 apply to me. Lol. Nice one Miss Suzee Q