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Posted by Rene on September 24, 2012 at 9:20 AM

How  does one  write a Blog  about  MARINAGAR- when the word itself  throws up Myriads of  Images full of mixed emotions from Joy, to Love, to remorse to happiness to . . . . . MAGIC that is  MARINAGAR itself..

Looking  back and  then looking  forward, (now with a WUNDERBAR kid  named Joshua), I know and  probably  always knew that I would not  have wanted anything less for myself and now, for Joshua, than . . . . . . . . living a life called MARINAGAR.

The BESTEST years have been “Marinagar”. I grew up here, shed my  innocence here, Loved here . . . . lay heartbroken too! ALL HERE in the magical place we call Marinagar.

Children growing up in Marinagar, will later compare their lives to that of Tom Sawyers’ or  Huckleberry Finn. YES!! we sneaked out of  home to play, we waited for the right time to climb  trees and rob  guavas, we shot  down pigeons and learnt how  to even cook them. (EWWWW!!) . Our Meals were of Guavas, Kairi, Kuchumdar of  raw papaya and these were FREE, as we had robbed them off the trees in where else?? MARINAGAR.  I remember learning to swim in the “kabrastan well!! Rocky and dangerous, but what the hell!! ALL of  Marinagars  kids were in there!!!

School was a cinch  as we walked across, and we had a group who went just that way. Our Homes were in Marinagar, the music was in Marinagar, the FUNNNN was in Marinagar and even our girlfriends were MARINAGAR-made!!!  YES,  we did not  have to go elsewhere to “line-marao”!!!

YES Marinagar was Colorful!!!

The very word MARINAGAR, brings a smile to my  face and when I go down memory lane, a sense of Bon-homie pervades my  every senses.

My first day in Marinagar, after having lived in Byculla, a throbbing bustling location, and having studied at St Mary’s, I felt like I had arrived at a picnic spot! Greenery, and an wide open playground was EVERYTHING any young kid  could dream of. Add to the vista the “chawls” (as they were referred to then) and happy picture was completed.

For me, as a kid, Marinagar was a little town by itself. In “them” days,(read days of yore) we had our  own home-made hooch, our very own Dentists, Our very own Doctors, our very own Maternity home, (lay them, deliver them!!) our very own teachers , our  very own lawyers and for want of color, we even had our  very own home grown Gangsters and our very own “roll-in-the-hay” house too!!!

Marinagar was COMPLETE!!

Having been away, travelled the world, and then come back to live here, has been the easiest of moves. All my childhood frens (Glynis, Karen, Theresa, Ivan, Sunita, Clarence, Anne and for that matter ANYONE), when we meet, there is a warmth, a glow, a feeling of  comfort and happiness, of  contentment and trust, of being who we really are with no pretentions, ALL brought out by the fact that we lived, loved and still love like TRUE “MARINAGARIANS”




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Reply Christophe D'costa
1:00 AM on September 25, 2012 
Crazy one Rene. Marinagar will always flourish in brighter ways.